Open Guard is One of The Most Important Positions in Jiu-Jitsu

It also is the most complex position with more gripping options than ANY OTHER POSITION!

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Here Jon shows a sweep that he has had a lot of success with when dealing with combat base.

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Finally, Techniques that Work for ANYONE

Jon was incredibly picky when deciding on what techniques to add to this course. He wanted to make sure that a white belt could be able to pick up this course and immediately.

Make Open Guard Easy

Use Jon's Grip Fighting techniques to dominate one of the toughest battles in jiu-jitsu, choosing when to open your guard. 


"Jon is one of the best guard players I've trained with"



The first time I trained with Jon, we were both blue belts. At the time I was one of the better blue belts in my division in the world. Then why was my guard passing getting stopped by this blue belt I had never heard of?


Well fast forward to now, I know Jon very well and I still hate dealing with his guard! 


Jon is one of the best guard players I've trained with when it comes to retention and understanding his body position.


This course could very well be the missing piece in your jiu-jitsu progression.


-Josh Mckinney,

Black Belt and Host of The I Suck at Jiu-Jitsu Show

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If You Buy Before May 13 you will receive a free copy of Josh McKinney's Dominating Connections. Which is the perfect addition to the guards that Jon shows in The Roadmap to Open Guard.

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These Techniques Could Be Your Fountain of Youth to Train FOREVER!


Imagine minimizing injuries, not being as tired, and even winning more! These things and a lot more are easily accomplishable with my "old man" system of jiu-jitsu.


In this course you will learn to defend, escape, PRESSURE, and submit.


I want to teach you how to control where the fights take place and relax when you're in the fights.


Also, we tied in some highly important "Mindsets" at the end of the course to teach you what you NEED to know. Like how to pick the right training partners, how to deal with feeling SLOWER THAN EVERYONE, and even what your mindset should be towards losing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As with Every Course at Simplifying Jiu-Jitsu you have the ability to ask questions on any video and have the instructor or one of the members of Simplifying Jiu-Jitsu answer them directly! 

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