Are You Tired of Getting Smashed When on Bottom?

So was Nick Sanders.

That is EXACTLY why he created an UNSMASHABLE guard system dubbed The Star Spangled Spider Guard. (yes, we know the name is awesome)


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Guard Game

Nick Sanders is one of the most dominant Master's competitors that there is. In this course he will show you the SECRETS to his highly efficient and effective Spider Guard System!

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Star Spangled SPIDER GUARD


I Decided To Stop Getting Smashed in Half Guard

-Nick Sanders


"You're a big guy, you should play half."

Everyone told me that coming up in Jiu-Jitsu. It took me until mid purple belt to decide. I an tired of getting smashed in half guard. I need to keep these heavyweights off of me.

Spider guard seemed like the best option. The only problem was that spider guard was still an under developed position for most people at the time. It was hard to find information about it.

As I progressed I started finding new ways to play the position and new sweeps and attacks. 

I'm so excited to FINALLY share the Star Spangled Spider Guard with the world!

-Nick Sanders, 2nd Degree Black Belt


Turn the Jiu-Jitsu World on It's Head

Not a figure of speech. In SSSG Nick shares some never before taught sweeps. Learn to sweep the biggest opponents with ease.

Finally a Place to Relax

Most people hate being on bottom. The exhaustion of retention, coupled with the fear of being smashed. Nick will show you his secrets to keeping space when you need it.

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Offer Ends Feb 29th

40% OFF

Star Spangled SPIDER GUARD


Our Jaws Were on the Floor During Filming

-Josh McKinney


When we were filming the Star Spangled Spider Guard in September, Nick Showed something he calls the "push back sweep."

I remember making eye contact with my business partner Logan and we both had our jaws on the floor.

I played spider guard variations almost exclusively for 8 years and had never seen a sweep like it.

The story doesn't end there. 3 weeks later I am watching Nick fight a 3x world champion at the Austin Open. What does he hit in the opening minute of the match?

You guessed it the push back sweep. That move is something I think every spider guard player should add to their game!

-Josh McKinney, Bjj Black Belt and owner of Simplifying Jiu-Jitsu

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This course is seriously game changing. Learn to never get smashed from your own guard again!

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