What if you could DOMINATE from Open Guard with Only One Grip?

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Become a High Level Guard Player by Learning the Simplest Open Guard


"Now a days people are afraid to open their guard. I really think it's because there is a very big forgotten concept of jiu-jitsu.


The concept of Constant connection. I always tell my students that whoever dominates connections(grips) will dominate the match. 


That concept alone solves nothing though...


Because it doesn't answer questions like, what grips are important? Which are the best to have?


I decided the SIMPLEST way to answer the question of the 'best grip' is often just the grip that you know the most from.


So after 13 months of repetition and problem solving I have learned more about cross sleeve guard than nearly anyone else/


This has allowed me to create a system of the simplest/most effective techniques and ideas from the cross sleeve grip.


You will have a blast learning the duck guard system!



-Josh McKinney

Tac Team Black belt and host of the I Suck at Jiu-Jitsu Show


Learn Josh's Ankle Breaking Secret

One of the strongest moves that Josh developed from the Duck Guard is his straight ankle lock. Learn some of the hidden details on one of the most over-looked submissions in Jiu-Jitsu.

Interactive Lessons

As with every course on Simplifying Jiu-Jitsu, you have the ability to ask questions and have them answered by a member of our team.


Each course that we put out is considered "unfinished" so if/when you ever have a question, simply "comment" on the video and we will responded with either a message or an entire video if needed. What other jiu-jitsu company does that?

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With these concepts of the cross sleeve you will immediately be able to control, sweep, and submit opponents of higher rank!

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Nick Sanders

Bjj Black Belt and Creator of The Star Spangled Spider Guard

"I hate Josh Mckinney for creating this guard because Ive been getting crushed by it for nearly a year. It's super effective and nearly impossible to pass."

Kyle Watson

Black Belt and Creator of Simplifying Takedowns

This guard is stupid... Mainly because I have been getting swept and/or submitted by it a lot this last year!

Josh has created a very usable system with cutting edge technique! Definitely check it out!

Dominate off of your back

Dominate the grip fight and then the fight itself. Get Josh's secrets to his highly dangerous guard game. 

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